Community Grants 2011 Still Funding

There are new deadlines for Applications. Apply by either Feb. 18, Mar. 25 or Apr 22, 2011. Earlier is better.

Please visit the How to Apply page for a description of the 7-stage process for applying and to DOWNLOAD and application form.
As of Feb. 10, 2011 there is still funding left for the remainder of the fiscal year. We encourage you to review the guidelines on the How to Apply page and to explore the What We Do pages of this web site to determine if your organization or project might be a good fit.

The following are dates to be aware of if you are considering applying for funding:.

Submit by Feb. 18, 2011 to be considered by March 1, 2011

Submit by Mar. 25, 2011 to be considered by April 5, 2011

Submit by Apr. 22, 2011 to be considered by May 3, 2011

Please note: the review dates are the days on which the Community Grants Advisory Board meets to review proposals.  Proposals that are approved by the Advisory board are then sent to the Grants Committee of the Los Altos Community Foundation Board for final approval, a process which may take up to two weeks.