Becky and Jim Morgan join Gala as Underwriters

Becky and Jim Morgan have joined our growing list of underwriters for the LACF’s Roaring 20’s Gala.

According to their foundation website, “Jim and I were fortunate to have been transferred to Silicon Valley in 1968. As small town, farmers’ children by birth, we have benefited from the growth and prosperity of the region. Our desire to give back stems from our gratitude for our good fortune and our belief that those who are so blessed have a unique responsibility to help others. The Morgan Family Foundation is our effort to make a difference by helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential, just as we have been helped over the years to reach our goals. We believe that whether wealth is earned or inherited, it is important to help others. As a Tswana proverb says, ‘To give away is to make provision for the future’.”

If you would like to join the Morgan Family Foundation in supporting the Gala,  we will be happy to promote you with signage in conjunction with that unique gift.  Examples of Specialty Sponsors include our Entertainment Sponsor at $700, Print Sponsor at $4,000, Wine Sponsor at $750, Decorations Sponsor at $1,000, Casino Sponsor at $3,500.  Sponsors who underwrite catering, decor, music, wine, casino, publicity, printing, and other in-kind gifts will receive appropriate recognition opportunities commensurate with donation. Please contact LACF Development to discuss these opportunities.