Aging in Place Helps Economy

Paul Gonella chairs the Aging in Place groupThe LACF’s Aging In Place Committee has been urging Los Altos/Hills seniors to check out the value of staying in their own homes after retirement.

Our community is richer and stronger when those who helped make the community stay in it longer. Not only do you stay where you want to stay, you help our local, state and national economy.

According to Marty Bell, the National Marketing Director for the National Aging in Place Committee, “Living at home with the support of service providers costs one-quarter to one-fifth of the cost of living in nursing homes or hospitals.” The latter options are generally paid for by government programs, which may be cut when faced with budget cost cutting.

He continues, “Aging in place contributes to both the welfare of individual seniors and the overall health of the economy.”

You can use this website to assist you in finding all levels of care for those in retirement, regardless of your income. We hope to pass along information to families and friends of those who would benefit from staying in their homes.

It helps us all.

Paul Gonella

Aging in Place