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Acterra benefits from $4K LACF grant

Acterra received a $4,000 grant from LACF to support its community-based restoration programs at Redwood Grove Nature Preserve in Los Altos, and at Byrne, O’Keefe, and Juan Prado Mesa Preserves in Los Altos Hills. This funding increases its impact by bringing more volunteers, more plants, and more energy to our local nature preserves. In particular, […]

Reviewing our Mission July 2014 Letter from Joe

Reviewing our Mission – Strategic Planning It’s July and most people are on vacation, planning one, or wishing they were still on the beach. Here at LACF the Board and staff are using the summer as an opportunity to do an updated strategic plan for the Foundation and revisiting and revising our mission, strategic priorities, […]


Richard Bell was one of Los Altos’ premier volunteers, and his untimely death left behind a town in deep mourning. Bell was raised in Los Altos, and committed himself to its well-being. He served two terms on the Mountain View/Los Altos (MVLA) High School District Board of Trustees, and wrote scores of recommendations for young […]

LACF Program provides emergency preparedness backpacks for seniors

CAFE founder Anabel Pelham is working with LACF, a local Eagle Scout, Los Altos Rotary and Los Altos and Los Altos Hills on this great project. Eagle Scout Warren “Renny” Glasner, 17, teamed up last month with Los Altos Rotarian and Los Altos/Los Altos Hills Senior Commission Chairwoman Anabel Pelham to provide 100 backpacks containing […]

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170K plus granted to 45 local non-profits by LACF

Los Altos Community Foundation (LACF) has completed its third grant making cycle this fiscal year,awarding 15 grants to non-profits that serve Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View. These project and operational grants benefit our communities in areas such as health, assisting vulnerable populations, youth, seniors, arts and culture, and community building. The current […]

Doors to stay open in Los Altos

“Door Sculpture to Talk About the Idea of Different Possibilities You May Have to Process Your Life” – more commonly referred to as “The Doors” – will be remain in Los Altos permanently thanks to the contributions of  the community. The brightly-colored work, displayed in Lincoln Park, was extremely popular, appreciated by many for its […]

Mesa del la Communidad funds 13 students

Mesa de la Comunidad, a program of the Los Altos Community Foundation, was started in 2008 by community leaders (and brothers) Oscar and Marco Garcia.  Mesa de la Comunidad sponsors a summer scholarship program for middle school students to attend enrichment classes at the Community School for Music and Arts and KMVT Channel 15 in Mountain […]

Immigrant House on the move

Immigrant House was moved from its original location on Bryant Street to a temporary city-owned site before it moves eventually to Mountain View’s newest park at 771 North Rengstorff Avenue.  Immigrant House has lots of events coming up!  More friends and funds are needed to restore the historic house.   Immigrant House Events in Downtown Mountain View • […]