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Building a strong community - for ALL of us - is more important than ever.

While many have benefited from the Bay Area’s explosive growth, others are barely getting by. And now, with the immediate and ongoing effects of the pandemic on our region, LACF’s work has taken on greater urgency as we provide critical funding to many local nonprofits struggling to survive and carry out their missions.

We need your support so that we can continue to deepen the impact of our work and remain in a strong position to respond to future community challenges. Together, we can continue to provide grants, raise visibility on critical issues affecting our region, and ensure community resilience in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View.

JOIN US in building a stronger community!

LACF's Community House is Now Open By Appointment

As California reopens and we emerge from the pandemic, Los Altos Community Foundation's Community House is now open by appointment only.

We ask that visitors follow County of Santa Clara vaccination/masking protocols when entering the house.  For more information and to make an appointment: info@losaltoscf.org.

Thank you!


Los Altos Community Foundation (LACF) inspires, leads, and empowers residents for a stronger community. LACF provides grants, creates social impact opportunities, incubates emerging nonprofits, offers donor advised funds, and partners with community organizations and residents on solutions that make a difference.

From the Community Builder Blog

LACF… where community comes together

As I reflect on the last 12 months, I see a year of many changes and challenges coupled with significant accomplishments and activities. No one would have imagined how the pandemic and economic recession would affect our local communities, the Foundation, or our work. I believe we matured as an engaged local funder and will continue to grow in the coming year - and beyond. Guiding us has been our philosophy and theme for the last year: LACF… where community comes together! We’ve taken these words to heart. We continued to deepen and strengthen our relationship with local communities and expand our relationships with donors and community members to assist them in their philanthropic journeys. Collaboration has been key as we sought new ways to build stronger and more meaningful relationships with our local and regional grantees, civic and elected leaders, and other organizations with whom we share priorities and values. These collaborations continue to inspire us, and we are humbled by the positive feedback we’ve received on our efforts thus far.

Why We Should Care About a K-Shaped Recovery

Since the pandemic began, there's been lots of speculation about how our economy - and communities - will emerge from it. Economists describe the various 'recovery curves' that have existed for some time. As we move from pandemic relief efforts to rebuilding, a new curve has entered into this economic lexicon that we should pay attention to - the K-Shaped recovery curve.

Why Fiscal Sponsorships Matter

When I began my relationship with LACF as a board member, I was excited by the Foundation’s willingness to support emerging nonprofits through fiscal sponsorships. Fiscal sponsorships – where a supporting organization like LACF will accept donations on behalf of a project or entity that does not qualify for tax-exemption on its own – are not uncommon. Some community foundations will offer it as part of their services – but not many. LACF’s fiscal sponsorship approach has focused on filling service gaps in the local nonprofit environment, emphasizing providing administrative and back-end support. As we begin 2021, our relationships with our fiscally sponsored projects will shift to include organizational effectiveness support to our community leaders building new projects.

Thank You to Our Annual Sponsors!

We are proud to showcase local businesses that support Los Altos Community Foundation events through Annual Sponsorships. Thank you to Cal Water, Young, Craig & Co. LLP, and El Camino Health for your commitment to our community. To learn more about our annual sponsorship opportunities, please contact Laurel Iverson, Development Manager, at 650-949-5908 | laurel.iverson@losaltoscf.org

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