We want to hear from YOU!

LACF is conducting a brief survey to hear your thoughts on our community: what is going well, what you feel the issues are, and how things could be improved for local residents.

Your ideas and perspective will help LACF better tune its services to meet the needs of the community going forward and help inform our strategic planning.

As an added incentive, those completing the survey may enter a drawing for one of four $100 gift certificates at local restaurants (Rustic House and ASA in Los Altos and Cascal and Don Giovanni in Mountain View). 

Your survey answers will be anonymous if you choose not to enter the gift certificate drawing or do not want follow-up from the Foundation.

Thank you for taking this survey - your feedback is important! Survey deadline: October 12.

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Remembering Jim Thurber and Clyde Noel

LACF would like to remember and honor former board members Jim Thurber and Clyde Noel who recently passed away. By all accounts both men had illustrious, fulfilling careers - and served their country, Jim in the Foreign Service and Clyde in the Navy, before devoting themselves to volunteering in our community....

Community Foundations Make a Difference

What is a community foundation? Recently there have been accusations of misconduct at Silicon Valley Community Foundation. In light of this recent news, you may be asking what a community foundation is and why are they important to our community? Community foundations enable residents, private foundations, and businesses to strengthen the community through local...

LACF Keeps Seniors Connected, Engaged and Healthy

One of LACF’s unique roles is to bring groups together to solve systemic issues in our community. LACF helps local groups quickly create programs and build a tight collaborative web of reciprocal support for the benefit of our seniors. Through its grants, programs, and funds, LACF is able to test, evolve, and improve social...