Board Bio – Crysta Krames

Crysta has lived in the community for the past 17 years, ten in Mountain View and seven on University Avenue in Los Altos.  She has her Masters degree in Public Administration from San Jose State University and works as a Development Director for non-profits that serve foster or struggling youth.  She is currently employed by Family and Children Services.

Crysta first volunteered with LACF in 2009-2010, working with LACF Founder Roy Lave and Board Chair Mary Prochnow to develop ideas and material that would highlight the Foundation’s work in the community, and also to cultivate a new membership program.

Not only does Crysta serve on the board of LACF, she is also a Los Altos Rotarian, having served as the Director of Fine Art in the Park for two years.  Crysta has three kids in the school district, three pets that dirty up the house, and passions for civic engagement and travel.