About Us

The Los Altos Community Foundation serves Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and the surrounding community. The Los Altos Community Foundation is the only non-profit organization solely focused on building a better local community through our programs, grants, and leadership in education, art, culture, historic preservation, community building, recreation, environmental causes, and philanthropy.

Building a stronger community

Community building is not accidental. Since 1991, the Los Altos Community Foundation has provided leadership and funding for the many treasured programs and assets that our community values. In some cases, we have stepped in and provided leadership and support for valuable community programs, thus saving them and allowing them to grow.

Leader in incubating and supporting local non-profits

The Los Altos Community Foundation enables local social entrepreneurs to start and grow their non-profit idea by providing the 501(c)(3) fiscal umbrella, infrastructure and mentoring. In addition, the Foundation supports many existing temporary and long-term community programs.

Full-service organization for the 21st century

The Los Altos Community Foundation provides four primary services: Grantmaking, Non-profit program incubation, creation, and operation, Philanthropic funds management, and Convening of the community to resolve issues across groups and organizations.

More than $10 million dollars given to the community since 1991

Through generous donors, foundation and corporate grants, the Los Altos Community Foundation has invested over $10 million into building the local community. This investment has propelled Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and the surrounding area into one of the most vibrant, culturally and historically rich, and caring communities in the in the Bay Area.