August Note from LACF’s Executive Director

Joe Eyre

As many of you know, Roy officially passed the reins of the Executive Director role to me on August 1st. He will still be quite involved and I’ll look to him often for mentoring.

Nevertheless, I am very excited and honored to be involved with LACF, its mission, and most of all, with you, our community of supporters.

There are over 700 community foundations across the US and like LACF, each of them represent the spirit of America where people come together and collectively solve problems to improve life in their communities.

Community foundations are important because communities are always evolving and important problems of yesterday eventually give way to different problems today. For over 22 years LACF has addressed our community needs, thanks to Roy’s leadership. For example the Los Altos Stage Company (previously Bus Barn) is thriving today. It would have folded 18 years ago if not for a grant from LACF.

Ten years ago we drove past many day workers along the street. Today they have a Day Worker Center from which to find work and support, thanks to LACF’s umbrella support.

Society’s needs, awareness, and standards also evolve.

This year, MVLA Community Scholars provided scholarships to 22 students who are the first in their family to attend college. This was not seen as an important need 20 years ago.

Ruth Patrick has addressed what previously was the unspoken need of Domestic Violence in affluent communities. Programs such as these illustrate that LACF continues to be an important contributor to the improvement of our community.

I invite you to get involved with LACF, through your financial support and/or volunteer energy. By being part of LACF you can pool your resources with others and collectively shape our community for the next 20 years, just like Roy and the original Founders did for the first 20. LACF’s programs and services give you the platform to be an active contributor to our community.

Hope to see you at the Gala,