Two Years of Los Altos First Fridays!

The Los Altos Town Crier reports on Los Altos First Fridays Second Anniversary.Matsiko-World-Orphans-Choir-performance


A grassroots group supported by the Los Altos Community Foundation, Los Altos Forward comprises local residents, business owners and property owners who promote community vibrancy in downtown Los Altos.

“First Fridays are exciting because they are multigenerational events that bring the community together,” said Carol Garsten, owner of Nature Gallery.

Los Altos First Fridays is supported by Los Altos Community Found and is part of Los Altos Forward. It is designed to encourage people to support local business and socialize with fellow citizens.

Los Altos First Fridays

MVLA Community common scholarship application is live!

Apply for a Community Grant

The Mountain View – Los Altos Community Roundtable Common Scholarship Application is now live and ready for applicants!

Thanks to all of the school counselors who responded and will be the contact for any students applying for scholarships being offered through the MV/LA Community Roundtable common scholarship application. Organizations offering scholarships through this online application are:


  • Rotary Club of Los Altos
  • Rotary Club of Mountain View
  • Kiwanis Club of Mountain View
  • Richard G. Bell Memorial Scholarship
  • MVLA Community Scholars

Quota International of Mountain View/Los Altos

Each scholarship will have individual criteria to be met, but all can be applied for through the single scholarship application. Details for each scholarship are listed under the scholarship names in the application. Not all scholarships are available to all high schools.

As in last year’s application, transcripts and recommendations are to be submitted as an electronic document (pdf, Word, etc.) after receiving the system generated transcript or recommendation request. Students will need email addresses for their school’s transcript department, as well as each person from whom they plan to receive a recommendation (2 are required, one from a teacher, the second from any other unrelated adult who knows the applicant). Their financial documentation and essay must also be electronically submitted.

They need not complete the application in one sitting; they can save and later re-login and continue.


Holiday Party 2013

You’re Invited to LACF Lights the Way.

Holiday Party 2013

Please join us in celebrating the holidays and our community.

 Thursday, December 12th

Neutra House


Sign Up Here

You will enjoy holiday music and stellar beverages, including mulled wine. Cheese tasting hosted by Shelly Potvin, Coldwell Banker.

You are welcome to bring a guest that may enjoy learning about LACF’s many programs and opportunities for community volunteerism. Founders, members and their hosted guests have complimentary entry.

All others are asked to bring a $10 donation.

SFMOMA Project Los Altos

SFMOMA brings national and international artists to the Silicon Valley community of Los Altos in this unique multisite exhibition. Occupying indoor and outdoor locations throughout the downtown area, Project Los Altos features newly commissioned artist projects by Spencer Finch, Christian Jankowski, Chris Johanson, Mike Mills, Kateřina Šedá, Alec Soth, and Jessica Stockholder that respond to the history and culture of this former agricultural area, the local residents, and the sites themselves. These new works are joined by documentation of performances staged by Charles Garoian with his students at Los Altos High School from 1970 to 1983, and Jeremy Blake’s opulent Winchester trilogy (2002-2004), from the SFMOMA collection, inspired by the eccentric South Bay mansion built by Sarah Winchester.


This series is brought to you, in part, by a Los Altos Community Foundation Community Grant.

CSA helps bring unwanted food to those in need

Community Services Agency (CSA), a nonprofit that provides social services, including food assistance, to Mountain View, Los Altos and Los Altos Hills since 1957, has also developed its own network of partnerships with local grocers. CSA regularly receives upwards of more than 100 pounds of food, mostly bread, frozen meat, produce, and other baked goods, from Trader Joe’s, Safeway, Draeger’s, Whole Foods and Costco. CSA also receives left over food from farmer’s markets and Los Altos’ non-profit organic farm Hidden Villa.

It’s a win-win-win: grocery stores save money (the food is picked up at no cost to the grocer) and reduce their waste while being protected from criminal and civil liability by the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. Partner agencies receive the food free of charge. Hungry people get the food.

from Saratoga Patch


CSA is one of the many groups who benefit from LACF’s Community Grant Program.


One Billion Rising Los Altos


  WOMEN~SV, along with several other women’s groups “convened” the community at Main Street Café in downtown Los Altos, on Thursday , Feb 14,.

And what a huge success it was, thanks to all the wonderful women—and men!! —who turned out to express their idea of what healthy love looks like. It was SRO—Standing Room Only!! —as you can see from the pics:

And the paparazzi were out in full force! Here’s the link to the Patch coverage which includes a brief video clip:

We all shared songs, read poetry, spoke from the heart. And everyone who participated got a rose, thanks to a generous donation from Trader’s Joes.

People are still talking about the spirit of love, solidarity, and connection that filled the room, proving once again there are no strangers at Jaime’s café—only friends we haven’t met yet. In fact it was so successful that Jaimie says we can do it all again next year. Thanks Jaimie! Thanks to everyone who was there that day—in person or in spirit—and who helped us show the world what “true love” really looks like!

WOMMEN SV is a program of the Los Altos Community Foundation

Program Incubation and Management


The LEAD Program was developed by the LACF as a vehicle to introduce class participants to and educate citizens on the multiple private and public organizations in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills that make our cites and surrounding areas a community.