Doors to stay open in Los Altos

“Door Sculpture to Talk About the Idea of Different Possibilities You May Have to Process Your Life” – more commonly referred to as “The Doors” – will be remain in Los Altos permanently thanks to the contributions of

photo (6) the community.

The brightly-colored work, displayed in Lincoln Park, was extremely popular, appreciated by many for its artistic merit and enjoyed by others as a prop in family photographs or as ‘home base’ for after-school games of hide-and-seek.

Passerelle Investment Company committed to funding $14,000 of the $28,000 purchase price if the community would fund the remainder.  The Los Altos City Council voted to contribute $7,000 and The Los Altos Community Foundation helped to secure the remainder of the funding:  Therapy, a clothing and shoe store in downtown, donated $4,000, the Los Altos Cultural Association provided $2,000 and LACF contributed $1,000.

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