Energize your neighborhood as a Block Action Team Leader

Connect, Care and Prepare!
by Sherie Dodsworth, Volunteer Program Director for BAT and 
Los Altos PREPARE programs
Help your neighborhood by becoming a Block Action Team Leader! By signing up you can be part of the concerned–and fun–group of volunteers throughout Los Altos who are focused on making each of their neighborhoods an even better place to live!
Block Action Teams (BATs) is a new program of the Los Altos Community Foundation. The purpose of this program is to help Los Altos residents organize their neighborhoods to be more resilient in the event of a disaster. They will work together for crime prevention, assist, the seniors living in their neighborhood, when needed involve youth; and organize neighborhood social events.

We hope that every neighborhood in Los Altos takes advantage of the benefits of this program.

BAT leaders define their neighborhood (typically 15-50 households), communicate with the residents within it and organize helpers and events. For example, a BAT leader may get the neighborhood organized for major disaster preparation.

The BAT program will provide materials and training to neighborhood leaders so that these activities are easy and fun. Your neighborhood may already be doing one or more of these activities – but by joining the BAT program you will receive training and tools to assist your efforts. You will also meet other like-minded neighborhood leaders.

Sign up today to be a BAT leader! There is no cost to participate and attend a training session. Co-leaders are encouraged, so you are welcome to bring a neighbor, spouse or willing assistant.

More information about the BAT program, click on the links below.

Start a Block Action Team
BAT Leader Position Description

BAT leaders are required to attend one training session. Training sessions will be held the first two months of every quarter. First quarter dates are either January 29th or February 27th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm in the El Camino Hospital conference rooms.

Get started today by filling out the Block Leader Volunteer Application Form at losaltosbat.org

If you would like more information please send an email to info@losaltosbat.org or call 650-949-5908.

Sherie Dodsworth CROPPED fwe pink 10-9-13Sherie Dodsworth, Volunteer Program Director for BAT and 
Los Altos PREPARE programs