Reviewing our Mission July 2014 Letter from Joe

Reviewing our Mission – Strategic Planning

It’s July and most people are on vacation, planning one, or wishing they were still on the beach.

Here at LACF the Board and staff are using the summer as an opportunity to do an updated strategic plan for the Foundation and revisiting and revising our mission, strategic priorities, goals, and milestones for the next 2-3 years.

I’m very excited about this process because when completed, the plan will provide a compass for guiding LACF’s activities and enable the Foundation to focus on what’s important for our community.

Our revised mission is above. You can see that it reaffirms our long-term commitment toward building a stronger community. We plan to do this by fostering innovative philanthropy, both for local donors and non-profits, and by encouraging civic engagement.

LACF has done these activities for years through community grants, programs such as E3 Youth Philanthropy and LEAD, and by supporting local philanthropy through Donor Advised and Designated funds. We plan to do more.

The final point on the mission is that the “community” LACF serves is actually three municipalities, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View. These cities are very intertwined in a number of ways, such as with the school districts and agencies such as CSA and CHAC.

For years LACF has provided grants to non-profits in all three communities, helped on initiatives, and sponsored and run programs that benefit residents of each.

While doing the strategic planning, I have been gathering suggestions from local residents and leaders on what LACF could do to better serve our community.

If you have suggestions, feel free to visit, call, or email me with them. But don’t dally – our summer fun of strategic planning will end soon!


joe.eyre@losaltoscf.orgJoe Eyre