LACF Keeps Seniors Connected, Engaged and Healthy

One of LACF’s unique roles is to bring groups together to solve systemic issues in our community. LACF helps local groups quickly create programs and build a tight collaborative web of reciprocal support for our seniors’ benefit.

Through its grants, programs, and funds, LACF can test, evolve, and improve social entrepreneurship ideas, leading to unexpected new approaches and activities.

The following is a compelling example of how LACF keeps seniors engaged in our community:

Center for Age-Friendly Excellence (CAFE), and LACF incubated program, launched the Senior Inclusion and Participation Project (SIPP), also under LACF, to help address senior isolation loneliness issues. SIPP’s popular Digital Tech Workshops partner teen tech ambassadors with seniors to help them learn how to use today’s electronic devices – and empowers them to become more confident and connected in our digital world.

Collaborating with SIPP, LACF’s Block Action Team (BAT) leaders learn about the loneliness epidemic facing many seniors in our community and how to help them. BAT leaders receive the tools and resources to connect with seniors who are often unseen by the rest of the neighborhood to help keep them safe, engaged, and healthy.

In its third year, Club 55+ attracts over 100 seniors to its monthly community building summer social events. An LACF-sponsored Los Altos Forward project, this “pop-up” nightclub evolved out of the ever-popular First Fridays in downtown Los Altos and offered fun – and unique – social opportunities for seniors.

Aligned with our mission of increasing local philanthropy and engagement, LACF’s programs also help the community help our seniors. For example, Rotary Club of Los Altos helps sponsor and provide volunteers for Club 55+ events, cross-promotes SIPP’s Digital Tech Workshops, and works with its high school Interact program to recruit teens to serve as tech ambassadors at the event.

Working together, we create a great community to live, work, and play for our families and neighbors.

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