LAMP helps resolve local conflict

Hello Tuck & Roy- 

The Recreation Department utilized the services of LAMP to successfully resolve a field use conflict between two youth soccer groups. I was impressed by all the people we worked with at LAMP, Ric Rudman and Annette Graff in particular.  By working through LAMP, we were able to create a safe and supervised environment for the two groups to air their differences, open lines of communication and broker a deal for equitable field use. The supervised meetings conducted by LAMP allowed staff to participate in a neutral manner and not be caught between the distrust each group had for the other.  Ric and Annette also gave instruction to staff prior to each meeting that was very effective.

 Thank you for continuing to provide this important service to the Los Altos community. Please pass my appreciation on to both Ric and Annette.


 Beverly Tucker

Recreation Director 

City of Los Altos Recreation Department

LAMP was initiated in February 1995 following the training of over a dozen mediators. As of 2006, LACF contracted with Project Sentinel to administer LAMP still using six of the original community mediators as volunteers for resolving community disputes. LAMP is managed by a board.