LAMV-CF Impact Profile: Arts

Los Altos Mountain View Community Foundation

Increasing community vibrancy through the arts.

 Your donation to LAMV-CF helps us continue our ongoing support for arts in the community.

Recent installations by Arts Los Altos throughout downtown

Arts Los Altos

Arts Los Altos has the unique ability to work directly with artists, the downtown Los Altos business community, and property owners to achieve vibrantly, curated public art funded by individuals, service groups, and foundations. Arts Los Altos thanks Los Altos Mountain View Community Foundation for their support to bring more public art and placemaking to downtown Los Altos.

Arts Los Altos

These events appear to just blossom, always joyful, fun, and engaging— however, there are many costs to produce them. Thanks to you, our wonderful donors, who make events like these possible.

Cathy Humphers Smith, Founder, Director and Conductor, TACO
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