Local researcher seeks “Citizen Scientists”

46PARKing Day 530pm seating_goodWe are seeking “citizen scientists” to help us assess the temporary pop up park that will be built in 3rd Street in August.  There are 2 components to this assessment – and volunteers can do both, or just one.  I will explain them individually:
Discovery Tool Assessment
We have developed an app (hosted on a 7 inch Samsung tablet) that allows community residents to take photos and record audio narratives about features of their neighborhood (in this case, the pop up park) that may affect their ability to be physically active.  We are requesting that the citizen scientists use this app at 3 time points – once before the park is built (ie July 24th to 27th), once during the park (August 21st to 24th) and once after the park (the first couple of weeks in September).  Each assessment using the Discovery Tool app will take about 30 minutes, which includes all the time needed to learn how to use the app.   We will be collecting the data at 10 amnoon4 pm and 7 pm on the specified dates and each volunteer would sign up for only ONE time slot.  Preferably they would commit to doing all three assessments on the same day and time so that each person is comparing similar circumstances (for example, assessing the park while the Farmers Market is on at 7 pm would provide a very different experience compared to doing it on a Sunday evening at 7 pm)
Park User Surveys
We have previously developed a brief survey (3 pages) to gather basic data about park users and assess their perceptions of the park.  Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in this activity – which will take place on the same “during” park days as mentioned above (August 21st to 24th) (no pre or post assessment as above).  To be efficient. we are thinking that immediately following their assessment using the Discovery Tool, volunteers can gather survey data for an hour or so (or less if that is what works best for them).
So to answer your questions specifically –
  • we would like to have 4-5 adults (we have 5 youth and 3 seniors already committed),
  • they would be doing one or both of the activities described above,
  • no skills required,
  • duration for the Discovery Tool assessment = ~ 30 minutes,
  • duration for the surveys, each one takes about 10 minutes depending on how “chatty” the interviewee is – and the volunteer can do as many or few as they like,
  • dates for the assessment cover before (July 24th to 27th), during (August 21st to 24th) and after (Sept),
  • dates for the surveys are only during the park August 21st to 24th
Interested people can contact me on my cell phone at 859-229-7459 or by e-mail and I would be more than happy to tell them about our work.
Sandra J Winter, PhD, MHA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Healthy Aging Research and Technology Solutions (HARTS) Lab
Behavioral and Technology Solutions for Life
Stanford Prevention Research Centre
Stanford University School of Medicine
Suite 100, 1070 Arastradero Road
Palo Alto CA, 94304-1334