Los Altos Block Action Team May update

During the month of May the Los Altos Block Action Team (BAT) volunteers were busy promoting emergency preparedness and recruiting BAT leaders  at ‘Fine Arts in the Park’ and at the Farmers Market.   “Our community is very interested in this program – and they understand we need to work together”, stated Sherie Dodsworth, BAT Program Director.

Thirty Los Altos residents signed-up at these events to learn more about the BAT program and to stay informed about the city’s emergency preparedness plans.  When explaining the program, the BAT zone map of the current BAT locations was used.  This map shows the 11 zones and the locations of the Emergency Communication Sites that are part of the continually developing community emergency plan.  For more information about the BAT program or BAT leader training, please visit losaltosbat.org.

Los Altos Block Action Team logo