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At a recent meeting of the Terrible Adult Chamber Orchestra (TACO), after musicians found their seating sections, chit-chatted and tuned up, the group launched into its first piece. The melody was recognizable — Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” — albeit at a slower pace than the brisk tempo with which listeners may be more familiar.

“Let’s do it a little faster?” conductor Cathy Humphers Smith asked the group, which reacted with hesitation and some nervous laughter. “Let’s do it again, for fun, at the same tempo?” she countered. After another, somewhat smoother time playing through, Humphers Smith beamed at her ensemble. “Give yourself a hand, that was beautiful.”

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• Launched in January 2011, TACO has grown to a robust group of 50 to 60 regular players.

• Inspired by the Really Terrible Orchestra (RTO) of Scotland.

• Musicians of all skill levels from beginners to local music teachers share an afternoon of music-making.

• Our library of music includes a range from the classics to show tunes.

• We don’t rehearse for performances. This is a social orchestra, not a performance orchestra.

• New music is provided every month, which you can practice if you wish.

• To participate in TACO, you must be able to laugh at mistakes.

• We meet on the last Sunday of each month, from September through June excluding holidays, from 2 to 5 pm.

• Gatherings include a brief social time for musicians to share ideas and resources.

• Friends and family are always welcome to attend.

• Musicians bring their instrument, a music stand, their music, an appetizer to share once during the year, and lots of good humor!

Learn how to become a member.

TACO is a program of the Los Altos Community Foundation.

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