MVLA Community common scholarship application is live!

Apply for a Community Grant

The Mountain View – Los Altos Community Roundtable Common Scholarship Application is now live and ready for applicants!

Thanks to all of the school counselors who responded and will be the contact for any students applying for scholarships being offered through the MV/LA Community Roundtable common scholarship application. Organizations offering scholarships through this online application are:


  • Rotary Club of Los Altos
  • Rotary Club of Mountain View
  • Kiwanis Club of Mountain View
  • Richard G. Bell Memorial Scholarship
  • MVLA Community Scholars

Quota International of Mountain View/Los Altos

Each scholarship will have individual criteria to be met, but all can be applied for through the single scholarship application. Details for each scholarship are listed under the scholarship names in the application. Not all scholarships are available to all high schools.

As in last year’s application, transcripts and recommendations are to be submitted as an electronic document (pdf, Word, etc.) after receiving the system generated transcript or recommendation request. Students will need email addresses for their school’s transcript department, as well as each person from whom they plan to receive a recommendation (2 are required, one from a teacher, the second from any other unrelated adult who knows the applicant). Their financial documentation and essay must also be electronically submitted.

They need not complete the application in one sitting; they can save and later re-login and continue.