Progress at Healing Haiti’s Grace Academy

Grace LibraryBooks for Haiti is happy to report that Grace Academy has decided to house their new library in half of the Boy’s Dormitory rather than in a used shipping container (not as bad as it sounds, but still…).  The library will initially consist of 5,000 physical books, in French, which will be delivered to them in June as part of BFH’s efforts in Haiti.  This has been a long and complicated project as previously reported, with many hands making for a great outcome.

To augment the library, and allow these students access to a virtually unlimited world of literature, BFH is seeking funding for 30 Kindles for this school.  The staff at Grace Academy, in conjunction with the organization Healing Haiti, have determined that this number of devices will allow them to supply one full classroom with Kindles at a time.  Plans have been discussed with the teaching staff as well, as to how best use this resource in their curriculum, and they are very excited at the possibility of using Kindle technology.

Our commitment to this school alone means a fundraising goal of $3,000.  While we are looking into various funding approaches, BFH is chiefly reliant on individual donors for its success.  Please consider making a real difference in the lives of these children for small donation -$100 will put a Kindle in the hands of several students each day.  Details of BFH’s complete business plan for 2014 can be found on our webpage, along with easy instructions on how to make your tax-exempt donation.   Ongoing activity can be followed on our Facebook page.  We hope to see you there!