Summary of June 26th Los Altos Prepare meeting

losaltospreparetestThe following is a brief summary of the meeting held at the American Legion Hall.  There were 26 people in attendance including J Logan, Assistant City Manager and Steve Prziborowski from the Santa Clara County Fire Department.
  • J Logan reported that the 2013-2015 budget adopted by the City Council on June 25th did not include staffing a position focused on Emergency Planning. She also offered some other comments regarding the budget.
  • Mike Welsh reported on the involvement of the American Legion with emergency preparedness and with Los Altos PREPARE. In addition to providing a facility for our program to use for meetings, the Legion is exploring establishing a HAM radio system and also storing emergency supplies for our community. Mike Welsh volunteered to lead the Supplies Team.
  • Sherie Dodsworth lead the discussion of the Los Altos PREPARE Teams (see below). Many ideas for possible specific Team actions were generated and will be provided to the Teams.
  • It was agreed that Los Altos PREPARE should participate in and promote the National Night Out Celebration scheduled for August 6th. The Connect & Communication Teams will determine how/what should be done.
  • Los Altos PREPARE has the opportunity to contribute to/write an article to be included in the Fall Magazine published by the Town Crier. We have also been asked to write an article for LANN.
  • CERT and the lack of opportunity for training in Los Altos was discussed. There was great concern expressed that our community is not prepared to help each other or provided assistance to First responders. Heidi Sloss volunteered to lead the CERT Team.
  • Sherie asked for volunteers to post information about Los Altos PREPARE to their nextdoor.comneighborhood. Several people volunteered but there are still a lot of openings.