Help bring more books to Haiti

by Cindy Reid


Bianca Tlougan on the playground at Grace School
After a successful start-up year in Haiti, during which many connections were forged, BFH is planning to expand the distribution of Kindle eReaders to three Haitian schools.  The original SOPUDEP School will receive additional units based on demonstrated success of the initial Kindles in their classrooms.  The Grace School, a project of Healing Haiti, is currently testing a couple of Kindles to determine how they will incorporate them into their curriculum. Also being explored, is supporting a school in Croix des Bouquets, which is being promoted by a Rotary member in Haiti.
Realistically, it takes approximately $5,000 to outfit a school with 40 Kindles, enough for one classroom at a time to use, and to provide the accessories, on-site training and support they require.  This means BFH needs to raise at least $15,000 to proceed.  We are looking at various funding options but, to date, funding has come in large part from individual donors.


YOUR help, your connections, your corporation or organization will make a real difference toward our success in 2014.  BFH urges you to view our website, Books for Haiti , and follow us on Facebook .  New partners and established donors together will allow the students of Haiti to access the literature that will help lead their country forward.


Books For Haiti program delivers Electronic Library


By Bob Ende

On March 15th, my daughter Tenaya and I arrived in Haiti, backpacks brimming with Kindle eReaders. Our goal: create Haiti’s first “Electronic Library”, giving students who had a few dusty books on the shelves of their school library access to millions of digital books via the Internet.

You may already know about the SOPUDEP School and its wonderful Director, Madame Réa Dol. SOPUDEP has been supported by the Solidarity With Haiti Organization at Los Altos High School and by our local Rotary Club.

Our program, Books for Haiti, is sponsored by the Los Altos Community Foundation and complements those efforts by making e-Reader learning work in a country with unreliable electric power and spotty Wi-Fi. A Field Trial of Kindles in Haiti proved SOPUDEP could download any eBook available on the Internet. Generous donors had provided the Kindles, and we loaded hundreds of French eBooks onto each e-Reader that Réa’s students eagerly awaited.

We taught SOPUDEP students and Staff to use their new Kindles. A real change suddenly occurred — for the first time, a SOPUDEP classroom had a consistent set of (electronic) materials for every student and instructors began teaching their classes with them! Réa summed it up: “Thank you for this beautiful moment with us. We are the only school in Haiti to have access to this new technology. God bless you!”

Visit to become a donor. Donations come through the Los Altos Community Foundation, and we thank them for sponsoring us! Every dollar Books For Haiti receives buys an eReader or an eBook. The Ende family pays all overhead costs, so your donation is used with 100% efficiency to change the lives of students in Haiti.