Second Annual Women Rising Event

It’s our second annual Women Rising event coming up

Come join us at the Main Street Café in Los Altos Friday, February 14th to celebrate One Billion Rising Day!


One Billion Rising Day falls on Valentine’s Day and acknowledges the grim statistic that 1 in 3 women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime–in most cases by someone she knows. We want to keep the focus positive on this day and focus on the aspects of relationship that are the opposite of abuse.


We are inviting everyone in our community to bring in a poem, a song, or a story, or even a few words spoken from the heart about what true love, healthy love means to them. Gentlemen are most definitely invited too–some of our most powerful pieces were presented by men last year.

To give you a bit more info about last year’s Women Rising event here’s the news article.

Thanks to the big turnout and lively positive energy, Women Rising was a tremendous success last year. Come join us and help make it even better this year!

What: Women Rising Event

Where: Main Street Café, Los Altos, CA

When: 12-2pm


Ruth Patrick, of LACF program WOMEN SV, is being recognized for her contributions to our community.

The Santa Clara County Psychological Association (SCCPA) gives the Agency Award each year to an agency whose contributions have significantly enhanced the well-being of the community at large, and includes in its mission the task of serving an underserved population, said Jeffrey S. Kline, past president of the SCCPA.

“Until I met Ruth, I did not realize how great the need was for her services in our affluent community,” said Kline, who practices in Menlo Park. Kline has sat in on the organization’s domestic violence support groups, accompanied Patrick to a conference, and allowed her to use his office on many occasions.

“The love and care Ruth shows toward the women who come to her, who have no where else to turn, is inspiring.”

from Los Altos Patch


Women Rising V-Day Lunch

On Valentine’s Day February 14,
come and join us at noon at Main StreetCafe
(134 Main Street in downtown Los Altos),
and grab some lunch or
womensvcoffee for our “Women Rising, V-Day Lunch”.
V-day is also the day of One Billion Rising (,
a day on which one billion women all around the world will take to the streets
in response to this statistic:
1 in 3 women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.
On this Valentine’s Day, the women’s groups WOMEN~SV, the CARDEA
Center, Women at the Well, and Lifting the Fog Financial Salon are
inviting everyone in our community to join with women all around the
world in celebration of our strength, hope, courage, power–and above all
our determination not to rest until every woman and child lives in safety,
peace, and freedom.
Bring a poem, a song, a flower, a valentine to share about what true love
means to you: like respect, forgiveness, patience, compassion, the sharing
of hopes, and dreams–and the sharing of power, wealth, responsibility.
Bring something to share or just bring yourself. But come! Because it’s an
important day, an historic day, the day the tide turns, and women rise up
to show the world the meaning of true love.