Top Ten Signs You Are A Community (Foundation) Junkie



1.     You see any gathering of one or more people as an opportunity to build community – golf and poker especially.
2.     You see potential collaborators in every corner –  except a few.
3.     You try to convince people who are thinking of starting their own family foundation to start a donor advised fund at the local community foundation instead.  You can even answer,  “What’s a community foundation?”
4.     You work an extra day into your travels to have time to visit the local community foundation.  You start getting invitations from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee for their $500 per plate Dinner Cruise on the Cumberland River.
5.     You welcome new people, ideas, and initiatives into the community.  You collect stories, memorabilia, photos – inspiring a familiar chaos on your desk and shelves.
6.     You set up a giving jar for your dog sitter – matching what she’s earned with funds for her to give away to her favorite community organization.
7.     You try to be more kind, loyal, fair, dedicated, selfless, more rational in the face of ridiculousness.  Why are people mean-spirited.
8.     You work to advance the fabric of community – art, music, theater, architecture, political office, the latest engineering gadgets, good wine-good food-good parties.  What about that Holiday fruitcake-launching contest idea?  Kind of brings it all together.
9.     You believe in youth and their voice and involvement in the public sphere.  And you save everything in the attic in case they might need it.  You might even move your office up there.
10.  You call up Roy just to hear his voice over the phone, “Roy Lave;” to ask his advice; to hear his thinking, his latest good idea, his humor.  And to remind you who you are, where you are, and what’s important.


Thank you Roy!  Miss you and the LACF Community!  
— Nancy Lippe