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Los Altos Community Foundation leads, convenes, and collaborates to foster effective community solutions.

Thanks to strong community support, LACF has developed an incredible network of donors, volunteers, organizations and relationships that work together to make a difference.

To us, collaborations for good means providing rewarding experiences that bring community together in a way that would not happen otherwise.

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Collaboration Spotlight: Compassion Week

“We were excited to work side-by-side with a diverse population of volunteers, including families, children, youth and adults – and help those who need our support the most. Compassion Week Los Altos expanded its vision of building a stronger more empathetic community by working in partnership with Los Altos Community Foundation to make an even greater impact.”
Jan McDaniel, Compassion Week Los Altos

Compassion Week

In partnership with Compassion Week Los Altos, LACF inspired over 3,000 local residents to volunteer during a week-long series of service projects. This week of collective impact across the community raised awareness of vulnerable populations and other local needs though events and volunteer opportunities.

LACF’s Programs Encourages Local Residents
in Hands-On Community Engagement

Block Action Team (BAT) Program

"Thanks to LACF and the City of Los Altos, our BAT really came together after we received our grant. Our neighbors were excited about our neighborhood directory and fire extinguisher training and we now have 30 members!"
Patricia & Fred Evans, Co-Leaders (BAT #105), Los Altos Emergency Volunteers of the Year (recognized by the Santa Clara Emergency Managers Association)

Block Action Team (BAT) Program

Founded in 2013, the Block Action Team (BAT) program began as an initiative of LACF to improve community preparedness levels and strengthen its ability to respond to disasters. Since then, LACF has trained 300 volunteer BAT leaders, with over 2,900 households (approximately 25% of the City of Los Altos) covered by a BAT.

Today, as a managed program of LACF in partnership with the City of Los Altos, the BAT program provides access to the City’s Community and Emergency Preparedness Grants Program that helps enhance community resiliency and strengthen connections within the Los Altos community.

Learn More About Los Altos BAT

Volunteer Spotlight: National Charity League

“As members of National Charity League, my daughter and I enjoy volunteering for LACF because it's great to support an organization that supports the local community."
NCL Mother and Daughter

Fostering Volunteerism

In addition to our programs, LACF offers many volunteer opportunities on its committees, board, or incubated programs. In the last year, LACF’s committees and programs provided opportunities for hundreds of community members to volunteer and make our community a better place.




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