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Donations received July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

LC = Legacy Circle Member (Has included LACF in their estate plans.)

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Robin and Michael Abrams Carol Kuiper
Anonymous  (2) Beth Van Schaack and Brent Lang
Deborah and Paul Baker Penny and Roy Lave LC
Joan and David Barram Elizabeth and Karl Levy
Jean and Arthur Carmichael LC Marilyn Manning and Richard Lonergan LC
Pam Blackman and Edward Cazalet Deanne Tucker and Eric Lutkin
Elaine Cho Amy and Richard Magnuson
Jennifer and Brian Cilker Judith and George Marcus
Elayne and Philip Dauber Tim McClenahan
Margie Becker and Leonard Edwards Kris and Ken Moore
Kim and Bill Evans Anne and Peter Moran
Teri and Joe Eyre LC Tami and Tim Mulcahy
Shannon Kilgore and Farrel Farhoudi Aruna and Venk Nathamuni
Kenna and James Fenton Liz and Paul Nyberg LC
Karen and Randall Fowler Valerie and John Poggi
Nancy and Charles Geschke Mary Prochnow
Brigit and Mike Grimm Ann Rando
Shobana and Yogesh Gubbi RDDJKV Trust
Anne and Lawrence Hambly Mary and Tom Rees
Judy Hannemann LC Marion and Steve Robertson
Marguerite and Karl Hansen Mary Olson and Roy Rogers
Jerre Hitz Julie Rose
Cheryl Holt Ellen and Edward Saliba
Laurel and Robert Iverson Ellyn Corey and Tom Sartor
Samantha and Mark Johnsen Lee Ann and Martin Shell
Matthew Johnson Michael Singleton LC
Jocelyn Goldfein and Bryan Johnson Jessica and Leonard Speiser
Madeline and Melvin Kahn LC The Corrigan Walla Foundation
Pammi and Vijay Kapoor Thoits Law
Mike Kasperzak LC Emma and Thomas Tweddell
Elizabeth and William Klein Karen Rowsey and Sandy Wihtol
Gay and Bill Krause Clay Woods LC
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