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Donations received July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

LC = Legacy Circle Member (Has included LACF in their estate plans.)

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Community Supporters $100+

Jeanette and William Abbott
Anthony Alles
Sue and Victor Althouse
Cheryl and Read Ambler
Anonymous (2)
Kari and Merrill Apter
Carolyn and Dennis Armstrong
Kristine and Erik Bardman
Jennifer and Jamshid Basiji
Vinnie Biberdorf
Crownie and Martin Billik
Ethelyn Bloom
Katie and Ron Bodkin
Mary Ann and John Bogart
Sally Brew
Margaret and Peter Brooks
Rita and Louis Cartalano
Agnes and John Caulfield
Carissa Chu and Sandy Chun
C. L. Clark
Catherine and Stephen Combs
Nancy and Jitze Couperus
Maribeth and Joseph Coyne
Judy Crates
Martha Cravens
Annelle Delfs
Nancy and Gerald Dellheim
Nicola and Dante DiCicco
Margaret Suozzo and Thomas Dillon
Kim Dissanayake
Lani and Gary Dorff LC
Phyllis Dorricott
Dawn and David Edgren
Darcia Eding
Erin and Keith Eggleton
Kirsti Weng and Gordon Elder
Bettina and John Epp
Sheila and Phil Faillace
Jan Foo
Rachel Grainger
Gina and Brian Greenen
Sharon Greenstein
Deanna and David Gustavson
Barbara and Mike Haley
Olivia and Dan Haley
Paulette and Richard Henning
Jean and John Howell
NorCal HumanGood
Amy and Alexander Johnson
Kellie and Paul Keifer
Tina and Erno Klaassen
Stuart Klein
Janet and Ray Klinke
Jacqueline and Donald Lathrop
Mindy Nguyen and Steven Levine
Norma Schroder and Tony Lima
Ying Liu
Rebecca and Matthew Lowell
Marie Lucero
Kathleen and Kirk Mahncke
Patricia Bamattre and Socrates Manoukian
Nancy McMahon
Maura McNulty
Cheryl House and Peter Meyn
Mahnaz Foroutan and Mohamad Mortazavi
Michael Murphy, Rolfer
Nancy and Steve Nevalsky
Alice and Richard Nuzzo
Sharon and Raphael O'Malley
Ann and Floyd Oliver
Jan Pepper
Heather and Rob Pietsch
Nancy Corsiglia and Tom Pohlson
Susan and Jim Punches
Dan Rich
Janet Tornow and Tom Rogers
Patti and Philip Rose
Julia and Simon Roy
Lorelei and Larry Russell
Robin Wakshull and Dennis Rutkin
Ellen and Marvin Schwartz
Marge Sentous
Marge and Norman Shapiro
Somesh Sharma
Hattie Shieh
Gloria and Francis Siciliano
Susan and Ry Smith
Janet Sloan and Peter Stahl
Stephanie Stearns
Linda Gass and Rob Steiner
Marilyn Austin and Jerry Strom
Sangeeta Anand and Brian Treco
Sheena and Vijay Vaidyanathan
Gandhimathi Vaithilingam
Mary Lou Varni
Jean Fordis and Jerry Voight
Fiona and Todd Walter
Joann and Fred Wentker
Pinky Whelan
Marcia and Randy White
Patti and Edward White
William Maston Architects and Associates
Gema and Frank Wood
Marie and Cary Young

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