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Donations received July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

LC = Legacy Circle Member (Has included LACF in their estate plans.)

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Margaret Abe
Crystal Ellen Alexander
Anonymous (2)
Shirley Bailey
John Beman
Helen and Marion Brown
Marge Bruno
Donald Burch
David Chung
Frances Codispoti
Jean and Mike Couch LC
Linda and Alan Cyron
Stevie and John Day
Sherie and John Dodsworth LC
Melissa and Jeff Eisenberg
Melissa and Nicholas French
Hildy Kiefer and Lonnie Gary
Duffy Price and John Harpootlian
Sheryl Heckmann
Helen Helson
Rosemary and Dan Kaplan
Bernis and Larry Kretchmar
Barbara and Richard Kulle
Ginny and King Lear LC
Barbara and Bob Lessing
Emily and David Limbach
Barbara and Gary Loebner LC
Patricia Showalter and Steve Longcor
Sherri and Pablo Luther
Wendy Yu and Ken Ma
Sally Meadows and Ian Massey
Sumaya and Ed Miner
Carol and Jerry Moison
Marilynn Occhipinti and Bruce Nakao
Edward North
Rob Parker
Ruth Patrick
Pat and Robert Reed
Jane and John Reed
Wendy Wilson and Peter Richardson
Christina and Colin Rudolph
Anita Lusebrink and Russ Satake
Stephanie and Carl Schachter
Susan and Glen Schofield
Chuck and Nancy Schroder
Manisha Arora and Suresh Shanmugham
Bev and Steve Shepherd LC
Barbara Shukov
Stefanie and Chris Singer
Jennifer and Gregory Springer
Diana and Stan Thomas
Emily Thurber LC
Jon Tompkins LC
Cheryl and Donald Weiden
Anna and Jack Weldon

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