Golf Ball Challenge from our Community Action Team

Katie O’Leary (winner)

Los Altos PREPARE  was represented at both the August 6th National Night Out event and the August 11th Green Day at the Green on State Street in Los Altos.

At the Green Day event attendees were enticed to learn about Los Altos Prepare and LACF by a very large glass jar on our table filled with golf balls. Over 99 people guessed at the number of golf balls inside providing estimates ranging from 50 to 3,000.

Two visitors guessed closest without going over and Katie O’Leary was the winner of the random drawing with a guess of 269.

It’s no guess that an earthquake will eventually strike and Los Altos Prepare is working to make sure our community and neighborhoods are prepared.

One of the initiatives of Los Altos Prepare and LACF is to promote Community Action Teams, which are teams of residents working within their neighborhood to prepare for disasters, prevent crime, and help neighbors get to know neighbors.

To learn more about and/or volunteer for Los Altos Prepare, the Community Action Teams, or LACF, visit the Los Altos Prepare web page or call our office at 650.949.5908.