LACF 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund

LACF 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund

LACF 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund

About LACF’s 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund

LACF created the 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund to support local nonprofit organizations and services affected by the coronavirus pandemic. At this time, we are raising funds for current grantees meeting the most critical needs facing our local community.

Thanks to community support, we successfully raised $60,000 for our Round One funding and distributed the balance of $100,000 to the initial eight nonprofit organizations we identified (listed below) for support. We also raised and continue to request additional funds to provide both seed funding and match for additional funding rounds that would support current grantees and other nonprofits.

Round Two Funding Launched - April 21, 2020

Today, LACF announces Round Two funding. Below, you’ll recognize some organizations from the first round (and two new ones), proposed by LACF’s staff and validated by our grantmaking committee and board. These organizations provide critical support to community residents suffering from life-altering issues stemming from the pandemic. Each has a funding relationship with LACF and needs an immediate infusion of capital NOW to support its work.

Read more about our Round 2 funding strategy

We want to close out our Round Two appeal and provide the $100,000 we targeted with your support. We will then identify additional opportunities to support other organizations in our affected communities - and launch a new call for Round Three support to help other nonprofits in our community.

LACF remains dedicated to effectively serving the needs of our community during this unprecedented time. We hope that this Fund and our other funding initiatives will positively contribute to our local community’s efforts to slow the spread of the virus and help our communities reemerge stronger and more vibrant.

LACF 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund

LACF 2020 Nonprofit Relief Fund Grantees

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