Past Board Members

lincoln-park-photoThroughout the Los Altos Community Foundation's history, many passionate leaders have carried on the founders' work. We recognize and thank our past board members who have served on the Board since the Foundation was founded in 1991.

Their dedication has helped to strengthen and enhance our community.


Lois & Bob Adams

Gloria Bauer

Cammie Brodie

Roger Brunello

Marge Bruno

Mike Bruno

Jean & Art Carmichael

Coeta Chambers

Cam & Albert Chan

Christina Chu

Winnie  Chu

Curtis Cole

Claudia Coleman

Kim Cranston

Sanjay Dave

Jim Geers

Nan Geschke

Rick Glaze

Paul Gonella

Marion Grimm

Bob Grimm

Judy Hannemann

Dave Heebink

Sue Hilger

Sid Hubbard

Betty Joss

Mel Kahn

Ken Kaye


Clay Klein

Dave Knudson

Crysta Krames

Bob Kresek

Sue La Tourrette

Penny Lave

Roy Lave

Ginny Lear

Ann Limbach

George Limbach

Nancy Lippe

Chip Lion

Marilyn Manning Lonergan

Cindy Luedtke

Dave Luedtke

Bob Lundquist

Tom MacDonald

John Mandle

Nancy Manning

Eric Millar

Adin Miller

Jean Mordo

Alex Myers

Jean Newton Fraguglia

Clyde Noel

Liz Nyberg

Paul Nyberg

Pradeep Parmar

Anabel Pelham


Shelly Potvin

Mary Prochnow

Vicki & Dave Reeder

Tom Rees

Jim Reynolds

Scott Riches

Henry Roux

Kevin Schick

Joanna Schmid

Marge Sentous

Joel Shaps

Steve Shepherd

Marie Singer

Louise Spangler

George Stafford

Alan Swanson

Lynn Szekely-Goode

Brenda Taussig

Kevin Thompson

Emy & Jim Thurber

Nancy & Al Traficanti

Paul Van Buren

Gene  Van Tamelen

Stacey Walter

Sisi Weaver

Patti Williams

Dennis Young

Jo Zschau

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