Community House

Built in the early 1920’s, Community House was originally located on the property at the corner of W. Edith Avenue and San Antonio Road, near the DeMartini Fruit Orchard Stand, and was the original home on the property when it was a working orchard.

In 1997, the home was being used as a sales office for Parc Regent, a housing development which was being built on San Antonio Road, just south of the fruit stand.  The home was offered to the City of Los Altos by the developer and the Los Altos Community Foundation asked the City of accept the gift on their behalf and raised funds to move and renovate the 1920’s style cottage.  The house was moved to its present location at 183 Hillview Avenue.  Community volunteers planned and planted the landscaping and continue to maintain the property today.

The home, named the Community House, now provides offices for the Los Altos Community Foundation and meeting, storage and workspace for other local nonprofit organizations.


Painting by Jackie Krantz