Donate to a Designated Fund


A Designated Fund is one formed for a specific, predetermined purpose which is stated in the agreement between the originating donors and LACF.

Donate to a Designated Fund

To open a Designated Fund, contact the Los Altos Community Foundation fill out the agreement:

LACF Designated Fund Agreement

Following are examples of current and past designated funds:

  • The Los Altos Legacies fund was created by a 501c3 organization chartered to build an endowment to support programs for community seniors.
  • The Neutra House Preservation fund was formed to raise funds to move and restore a 1939 home designed by renowned architect Richard Neutra. The Neutra House sits next door to the Community House and was completed in December 2007. Currently, it is being used as a community meeting facility and includes a local architectural history exhibit.
  • Green Town Los Altos fund was created by a grassroots organization of Los Altos citizens and businesses to bring together community members in an effort to reduce energy consumption. To learn more about Green Town Los Altos, visit their website.
  • Los Altos Community Pool Foundation (LACPF) Fund, which is raising funds to construct a new pool in Los Altos. Find out more about the pool on their website.
  • The Surprise Shaull Fund was formed to honor Los Altos High School’s Choral Director, Mark Shaull, and to raise funds to purchase a new portable organ for the high school choral program.
  • The Festival of Lights Fund supports the annual Thanksgiving weekend parade in the Los Altos downtown triangle.
  • The History Museum Fund supports the History Museum, located next to the library.
  • The Marion Jackson Kids Fund for the downtown Village Association in order to carry on in perpetuity the project of holiday giving to children of needy families that Marion had organized for years.
  • The Denny Spangler Fund used to purchase the clock in the community plaza at State and Main and the Rotary Fund to build the plaza.
  • The SOS (“Save Our Staff”) Fund, which was used to retain teachers in our elementary schools after a parcel tax failed in 2002 and until a school parcel tax was passed in 2003.
  • The Griffin House Fund supports the preservation and renovation of the Griffin house at Foothill College. The house was the original home for the property now occupied by the College and it was the inspiration for the architectural style of the College’s buildings.
  • The Tuck Shepard Fund was formed to honor the long time and revered editor of the Town Crier. The fund was used to purchase a bench in front of the Town Crier building on Main Street because Tuck’s daughter said that Tuck was appreciative of public places to sit.
  • Several scholarship funds for families or organizations including one LACF manages, the MVLA Community Scholars
  • Several memorial funds established for community members by family and friends.
LACF also establishes designated funds on their own initiative. For example, the Los Altos Cares Fund was established to provide aid to those affected by the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01 and was funded by donations from the community. The funds were sent to the New York Trust, a community foundation for New York City. The Hurricane Katrina Fund was established to aid those impacted by the devastation in the Gulf States. Those funds were sent to the Greater New Orleans Fund for distribution as they identified needs.

Note: LACF is not engaged in rendering legal, financial, or tax advice. Information in our publications and on our website is provided as a service to provide general information about charitable giving. Many topics related to charitable giving have complexities and nuances that cannot be adequately detailed in brief articles or announcements. Individuals’ personal situations may vary. Please consult your financial or legal advisor. Performance data is based on past performance and is no guarantee of future results.