LACF Program Management and Fiscal Sponsorship

Los Altos Community Foundation multiplies the benefits it provides to the local community by managing and fiscally sponsoring nonprofit programs. Managed programs carry out LACF's mission of strengthening community and increasing philanthropy and civic engagement.

Fiscally sponsored programs enable social entrepreneurs to address a community need while taking advantage of LACF's tax status, financial administration, marketing, mentoring, and other services.  Some programs eventually become their own independent nonprofit, some remain under the Foundation’s umbrella, and some are purposely short term.

Managed Programs

Fiscally Sponsored Programs


LACF also convenes local service clubs to collaborate on scholarships, grantmaking, and other activities.

"Thanks to LACF's Block Action Team program, our neighborhood has become better prepared for emergencies and also a closer and friendlier community."

- Lan Nguyen & Ellen Schwartz

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